Death Sentences Are Almost Never Imposed at the Federal Level

2023-08-03 Federal records show that the death sentence is almost never imposed at the federal level, making this case truly exceptional.

Wire Fraud Charges and Convictions Projected to Reach Record Levels in FY 2023

2023-07-21 The pace so far in FY 2023 of fderal wire fraud charges and convictions is projected to be the highest since tracking began in the 1980s.

Federal Drug Enforcement Cracks Down on Meth and Fentanyl

2023-05-10 For the third year in a row, federal convictions for narcotics and illegal drugs have increased but trends differ by investigative agency; many change since the federal war on drugs was launched in June of 1971

Weapons Convictions Under Biden Are At Record High Levels

2023-03-24 Federal convictions for weapons violations have undergone substantial shifts over the last four decades but continue to focus on largely rural America.
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