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new court cases recorded so far in FY 2024
Immigration Courts recorded receiving 1,155,024 new cases so far in FY 2024 as of March 2024. This compares with 434,996 cases that the court completed during this period.
based on alleged criminal activity
According to court records, only 0.35% of FY 2024 new cases sought deportation orders based on any alleged criminal activity of the immigrant, apart from possible illegal entry.
court cases closed so far in FY 2024
Immigration Court recorded closing 434,996 cases so far in FY 2024 as of March 2024.
cases in the Immigration Court backlog
At the end of March 2024, 3,524,051 active cases were pending before the Immigration Court.
immigrants are awaiting asylum hearings
At the end of March 2024, out of the total backlog of 3,524,051 cases, 1,217,074 immigrants have already filed formal asylum applications and are now waiting for asylum hearings or decisions in Immigration Court.
Miami-Dade County, FL
has most pending Immigration Court deportation cases
County Count
Miami-Dade County, FL 145,189
Los Angeles County, CA 106,935
Queens County, NY 98,663
Cook County, IL 93,478
Harris County, TX 85,900
Miami-Dade County, FL, has the most residents with pending Immigration Court deportation cases (as of the end of March 2024).
immigrants ordered deported by immigration judges this year
So far this fiscal year (through March 2024), immigration judges have issued removal and voluntary departure orders in 35.1% of completed cases, totaling 140,644 deportation orders.
had highest proportion ordered deported this month
Among Immigration Court cases completed in March 2024, immigrants in Wyoming had the highest proportion ordered removed. Vermont residents had the lowest proportion ordered removed.
top nationality ordered deported
Nationality Deported
Honduras 26,025
Guatemala 21,851
Mexico 19,569
Nicaragua 12,277
Colombia 9,747
So far in FY 2024 (through March 2024), immigrants from Honduras top list of nationalities with largest number ordered deported.
were represented in cases when removal ordered
Only 14.9% of immigrants, including unaccompanied children, had an attorney to assist them in Immigration Court cases when a removal order was issued in March 2024 .
bond hearings held by immigration judges
Immigration judges have held 13,233 bond hearings so far in FY 2024 (through March 2024). Of these 3,888 were granted bond.