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Latest report: Speeding Up the Asylum Process Leads to Mixed Results

Other recent reports: Quality vs Quantity: How Does Sitting on the Dedicated Docket Impact the Judging Process? . . . Over 63,000 DHS Cases Thrown Out of Immigration Court This Year Because No NTA Was Filed . . . Immigrants Monitored by ICE?s Alternatives to Detention Program Vary by Nationality, Gender, and State . . . Civil Court Filings for August 2022 Jump . . . ICE's Sloppy Public Data Releases Undermine Congress's Transparency Mandate . . . FY 2022 Seeing Rapid Increase in Immigration Court Completions . . . Most Border Patrol Apprehensions are for Repeat Crossers, But Agency Data Doesn't Yet Provide the Full Picture . . . New Data Sheds Light on What Happens to People Found Inadmissible at U.S. Ports of Entry . . . DHS Fails to File Paperwork Leading to Large Numbers of Dismissals . . . Fewer Immigrants Face Deportation Based on Criminal-Related Charges in Immigration Court . . . Government Inaction on Immigration Paperwork Leads to Record High Lawsuits . . . Criminal Immigration Referrals Up from the Border Patrol . . . Growing Numbers of Children Try To Enter the U.S. . . . 5,000 Asylum-Seekers Added to the Migrant Protection Protocols 2.0, Few are Granted Asylum . . . Students at Newhouse School of Communication Create New Designs for TRAC?s Asylum Data . . .

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