Note: this is the official communication received from ICE spokesperson Gillian M. Christensen in response to TRAC's press release "Agency's Immigration Enforcement Claims Not Supported By Own Data."

On the Record:

"Similar to other reports recently released by TRAC, this report is astoundingly inaccurate and based on conclusions gathered from an incomplete set of data. TRAC's latest baseless allegation, regarding ICE's 2005 reporting of total removals, is based on incomplete data and without any merit.

Furthermore, ICE has been in regular contact with TRAC over the past many months and has worked diligently to respond to their requests for extremely large amounts of data and related information. Throughout this process, TRAC has repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to engage with agency officials and statisticians in serious discussions about the agency's data tracking protocols and systems. This lack of intellectual integrity is disappointing. Nevertheless, ICE is committed to continuing to provide data that confirms the accuracy of the agency's removal numbers. We stand by our record."