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While Definition of Terrorism Fuzzy, Spike in These Prosecutions in 2021 Continues into FY 2022
(19 Jan 2022) US federal prosecutors have filed more prosecutions that fall under the charge group of “terrorism/national internal security” in FY 2021 than any year since the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. According to case-by-case data on federal prosecutions from the Justice Department obtained after successful court litigation by TRAC through the Freedom of Information Act, 717 such charges were filed between October 2020 and September 2021—the highest since FY 2005. See more...
Immigration Court Backlog Now Growing Faster Than Ever, Burying Judges in an Avalanche of Cases
(18 Jan 2022) The U.S. Immigration Court system is currently staring up a mountain of pending cases that at the end of December 2021 reached 1,596,193 — the largest in history. If every person with a pending immigration case were gathered together it would be larger than the population of Philadelphia, the sixth largest city in the United States. Previous administrations — all the way back through at least the George W. Bush administration — have failed when they tried to tackle the seemingly intractable problem of the Immigration Court "backlog." See more...
ICE Detains 22,000 Immigrants at Start of 2022, Monitors 157,000 on Alternatives to Detention Program
(13 Jan 2022) According to new data available through TRAC's 'Quick Facts' tools, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is holding about 22,000 immigrants in civil detention centers across the country at the beginning of January. Over the past several months, the number of immigrants in detention at a single point in time has remained consistently lower than July, when ICE reported over 27,000 immigrants in detention. See more...
Unrepresented Families Seeking Asylum on "Dedicated Docket" Ordered Deported by Immigration Courts
(13 Jan 2022) According to the latest case-by-case records through December 2021 from the Immigration Courts, over 72,000 cases involving asylum seeking families have been assigned to the Court's "Dedicated Docket" (DD) initiative. These cases made up nearly one in five (18%) of all new Notices to Appear (NTAs) filed at the Court during this period. Already 12 percent of the DD cases have been completed according to Court records. See more...
Multidistrict Litigation Drives Large Numbers of Cases Handled by Federal Civil Judges
(06 Jan 2022) Federal civil cases involve legal disputes between two or more parties. Nationally, there were 531,164 civil cases awaiting resolution before U.S. district court judges at the end of December 2020. Over the same year, federal judges completed 242,657 civil cases. See more...
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