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Few Immigration Criminal Prosecutions, While Non-Immigration Prosecutions Rebound
(22 Sep 2020) Federal criminal prosecutions nationally have now largely returned to the pace that prevailed before the pandemic hit and federal offices closed in mid-March across the country. This is true except for prosecutions for immigration offenses which have not returned to their pre-pandemic levels. See more...
Many More Voting Rights Lawsuits Filed in 2020 Than in 2016
(21 Sep 2020) With the lead up to the November elections, voting rights litigation in the federal courts has been climbing. During August 2020, a total of 31 new lawsuits were filed. Thus far during FY 2020, a period of eleven months, there have been a total of 202 new voting rights lawsuits. See more...
COVID-19 Pandemic Drives up Immigration Court Backlog and Delays
(18 Sep 2020) The partial shutdown of the Immigration Court in the wake of COVID-19 continues to impact hundreds of thousands of immigrants awaiting their day in court. The current active court case backlog as of the end of August 2020 has grown to 1,246,164—up 11 percent from the beginning of March when the backlog was 1,122,824. See more...
After EOIR Fixes Most Egregious Data Errors, TRAC Releases New Asylum Data - But with a Warning
(16 Sep 2020) TRAC will begin once again releasing asylum data received from the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). After repeatedly uncovering issues in the quality of EOIR's data, the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a research data center at Syracuse University that studies the federal government, published its first report describing the problems it had uncovered. See more...
The Life and Death of Administrative Closure
(10 Sep 2020) In August 2020, the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) proposed a new rule that would effectively eliminate administrative closure as a docket management tool for Immigration Judges. The EOIR justified this proposed rule by claiming that administrative closure has "exacerbated both the extent of the existing backlog of immigration court cases and the difficulty in addressing that backlog in a fair and timely manner." See more...
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