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Administrative Enforcement
 Federal Tax Returns: Latest Rankings by County, State and MoreApril 2, 2015
 Latest Comprehensive Information About Federal Tax EnforcementMarch 20, 2014
 Individual Tax Returns and AuditsDecember 31, 2013
 Corporate Tax Returns and AuditsDecember 31, 2013
 Taxpayer Returns by CountyDecember 31, 2013
 Graphical Highlights: IRS Audits and Tax CollectionApril 9, 2013
 IRS Audits Slump, Staff Down; Long-term Impact UncertainApril 9, 2013
 Few Millionaires Audited by IRS Global High Wealth GroupApril 10, 2012
 IRS Global High Wealth Taxpayer Program LagsApril 14, 2011
 IRS Audits of the Largest and Richest Corporations DeclineApril 12, 2010
 Taxpayer Returns: Rankings by County, State and MoreMarch 31, 2010
 New Data Show IRS Downgraded Large Financial Services AuditsApril 9, 2009
 Targeting of Financial Services Audits Seen As QuestionableApril 6, 2009
 Income Subject to Federal Taxation: By CountyMarch 30, 2009
 Audit Rate for Millionaires PlummetsMarch 23, 2009
 Audits of Largest Corporations Slide to All Time LowApril 14, 2008
 More IRS Face-to-face Corporate Audit Time Unproductive, Correspondence Audits of Individuals Better FocusedApril 12, 2007
 Easier Times for Biggest CorporationsDecember 19, 2006
 Corporate Audit Rates -- Wide Disparities Found for Different IndustriesApril 11, 2005
 Corporate Audits Continue to SlumpNovember 1, 2004
 2004 New Findings about the IRSApril 12, 2004
 2003 New Findings about the IRSApril 13, 2003
 2002 New Findings about the IRSApril 8, 2002
 2001 New Findings about the IRSApril 9, 2001
 Historical Archive of Audit DataDecember 31, 2000
 2000 New Findings about the IRSApril 16, 2000
 1999 New Findings about the IRSApril 12, 1999
 TRACFed Data Warehouse and Access Tools
 Tax Lawsuits Edge DownwardFebruary 21, 2014
Criminal Enforcement
 The IRS and the April SurpriseMarch 10, 2015
 IRS Criminal Enforcement by DistrictSeptember 30, 2014
 IRS Criminal Prosecutions Rise Under ObamaFebruary 4, 2014
 TRAC Data Interpreter: IRS Prosecutions, Latest Month
 TRAC Data Interpreter: IRS Prosecutions, Fiscal Year
 U.S. Code: Criminal Statutes Most Frequently Used in IRS Prosecution
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: Express
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: Going Deeper
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: Analyzer