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Criminal Enforcement
 TRAC Data Interpreter: FBI Prosecutions, Latest MonthApril 2014
 TRAC Data Interpreter: FBI Prosecutions, Fiscal YearApril 2014
 U.S. Code: Criminal Statutes Most Frequently Used in FBI ProsecutionApril 2014
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: ExpressApril 2014
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: Going DeeperApril 2014
 TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools: AnalyzerApril 2014
 Post-9/11 Decline in FBI Prosecutions Stabilizes under ObamaFebruary 12, 2014
 Criminal enforcement data show FBI improvementsJuly 27, 2009
 New Findings about the FBIJune 17, 2002
 New Findings about the FBIAugust 28, 2000
 New Findings about the FBIJune 27, 1999