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Fewer Banking-Related Federal Civil Lawsuits
(22 Jul 2015) The latest available data from the federal courts show that during June 2015 the government reported 18 new “banks and banking” civil filings. See more...
Representation Makes Fourteen-Fold Difference in Outcome
(16 Jul 2015) Results in "women with children" cases before the Immigration Court continue to show that the single most important factor determining outcome is whether or not these individuals are represented in their court proceedings. See more...
Senior Judge Workload Expands
(09 Jul 2015) The workload of federal judges who have retired but voluntarily continue to hear cases has grown by nearly every measure in the past two decades. See more...
Judge Rejects DHS Classification of Syracuse University Research Center as a Commercial Requester
(02 Jul 2015) In an important FOIA decision, Judge Christopher R. Cooper of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia has ruled that the purpose of the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) is educational and journalistic and not business-related. See more...
Rise Seen in Education Civil Rights Lawsuits
(30 Jun 2015) The latest available data from the federal courts show that during May 2015 the government reported 49 new federal district court cases that were classified under the category of education civil rights. See more...
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